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Thomas Skupniewitz was born in the hills of Baraboo Wisconsin in 1957, and is a third generation painting contractor and tradesman. He is recognized as a master and expert of faux finishes, murals and glazing, and conducts seminars and teaches throughout the country. His talents do not stop there. Thomas, known to his friends as "Bud," is an accomplished potter, sculpture, painter and photographer.

I create pottery and paintings in my Lake Mills studio and I have an additional workshop and kilns in central Wisconsin. My pottery combines classic wheel thrown and hand built shapes with various surface decorating techniques. I incorporate image carvings and hand painting with multiple firings. Therefore, no two pieces are ever the same. Bronze sculptures are created using the lost wax technique and are influenced by the modernist and expressionist schools.

My roots are in rural Wisconsin and I find inspiration for my art in the natural world. Each piece gives me an idea for the next."